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Space Needle, I Love You


Here are 5 more photos from my long exposure collection.

In my Photo I class in April, I shot my final project.  I did a nighttime long exposure project where I exposed my negative for 2 seconds or more and took photos of downtown LA and the busy streets.  Here are some of the photos from my collection:

This image really captures me because I love the motion in the trees, but how still the blimp is.  It’s so interesting to look at.

I really like this image.  It’s very captivating.  It looks as though the kid is reaching out for help… or for something, unknown.  The kid is in the lower right third and is one of the brightest parts of the image drawing attention there.

I really like this picture.  I like how vivid the reflection is in the water.  I also like how the photo is in black and white.

This photo always inspires me.  I love how there are so many light bulbs and a mass array of junk around the room.  Everything seems so cluttered and jumbled, but it adds a lived-in feel to it and almost a homey quality.  I also have a fascination for light – I wish my ceiling had that many light bulbs on it!

I thought it would be a neat thing to start the semester out with 3 photos that I took for my first project in Photo 1.  Now that I am in Photo 2, I have sharpened my eye and have taken photos that are tenfolds better than these.  Perhaps I can reflect on my own progression.  I need to scan the photos from my final project from photo 2.  Maybe I will post them by the end of the week for a good comparison.  But for now, here are three beginner photos of mine from photo 1.

Tree stumps from Charmlee Park in Malibu, CA.  Ilford HP5+ 400ISO | Feb 2010

Blades of grass from Charmlee Park in Malibu, CA.  Ilford HP5+ 400ISO | Feb 2010

Bricks in Manhattan Beach, CA. Ilford HP5+ 400ISO | Feb 2010

I really love this website.  It’s a look book collective of people from around the world posting outfits that they’ve put together.  A lot of the photography is interesting, but I also enjoy looking at the different pieces that people put together to create one whole look.  It really inspires me, especially after looking through many of the posts.  It’s amazing to see the trends from around the world – fashion is so forward!  It’s people’s personalities in their physical appearance and it’s amazing to look at.

I first heard this song on XM radio when I was home in DC earlier in the summer.  The first time I heard it, I fell in love with the chord progressions and melody throughout the song.  It wasn’t long before I looked the song up and listened to it repeatedly.  After several months, I still listen to the song daily.  It never fails to inspire me and take me to another place.  I can listen to it on repeat and zone out.  If I am lacking inspiration, I can play this song and tune into my inner artist.

The music video isn’t very inspiring, but try listening to the song without looking at the video.  Performance videos usually aren’t that gravitating, anyway.